This is ideal frozen and removed ? 2 hours before serving. Keep in the fridge in hot weather.

For the base:
200g choc-chip biscuits crumbled
100g melted butter

For the chocolate cream:
100g dark chocolate
? cup cream

For the mocha mousse:
200g dark chocolate
60g butter
? cup cream
2 egg yolks
10ml instant coffee powder in 10ml boiling water
10ml gelatine over 20/25ml cold water
190ml cream
Cocoa for dusting

In a large Pyrex bowl; melt butter in microwave, add crumbed biscuits. Press down into sprayed loose-bottom flan tin 23-25cm. Pop into freezer.

In same glass bowl; put chocolate and cream (for chocolate cream layer), heat gently in microwave until just melted. Pour over set base and return to freezer.

In same bowl; put chocolate, butter and cream and very gently melt and mix in low microwave. Add egg yolks once melted. Add coffee melted in boiling water.

Put gelatine on top of cold water, leave to dissolve and then warm gently in low micro to dissolve completely. Stir into chocolate mixture.

Use electric beater to beat 190ml cream until it forms soft peaks. Fold into mixture. Fold over prepared flan base.

Cover and refrigerate or freeze until set. Keeps very well in freezer, also lifts off metal spring-form base easily when frozen. Dust with sieved cocoa powder before serving.